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What we’re doing now and what we did then

DDE Records Ltd is a UK company founded in 2001 by Mike Generale and Deirdre Cozier aka Dee D. Jackson. It can be considered the continuation of the older company that was based in Italy in 1996 .DDE was originally created to produce  our own music but since the opening we have created a catalogue of almost 1000 tracks ,from Jazz to electronic , cinematic sounds , to pop, and tracks released on our sub-Labels.
The original DDE was immersed in the Turin Woods  Italy  and for 16 years worked around the clock music was breakfast , lunch and dinner , then the market changed and we changed with it , we took a sabbatical in USA for a while until the future of our musical path became clearer .
We now work with “The Orchard” Sony with all of our catalogue , they use major distributors all over the world enabling us to expand our catalogue everyday and work with enthusiasm as the product goes straight to consumer something that was complicated in the past became simplified and more gratifying.
Its now 2020 here we are producing more and more music , opening new labels to accomodate different  genres , expanding to videocontent.

DDE continues to grow , as the music from our studios goes straight to your home .

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